A letter from John

Dear Voter,
    My name is John Allen and Im running to be your first State Representative from the new Legislative District 15. After a six year absence from the legislature, Im excited about putting forth an agenda that that reflects the conservative values of our district. I am a low tax, pro-life, private property rights, conservative that believes state government should do the things it must, like foster care and policing, the best we can, with the resources available. I have a voting record that has been recognized by groups like the Goldwater Institute, Center for Arizona Policy, and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers for being both consistent and conservative.
    From time to time people ask me why would anyone want to be in the Legislature in this state? I can confidently say that there is no better place to serve than in Arizona right now.
    We are at a crossroad in the state and our nation. This next election may be our last chance to turn away from a government that wants to equalize outcomes by removing our freedom. Arizonans want their government to equalize access to education, economic opportunity, and good infrastructure, but not to redistribute our wealth.
    To win, you must vote for someone willing to fight.